We have grower feed, layer pellet, crumble, mash, oyster shell, scratch and bedding in stock!   Send me a text at 206-755-0809 to coordinate an order.

West Seattle Urban Farm Supply Delivery

Terraganics Living is proud to bring Baxter Barn urban farm products  to West Seattle monthly. We offer feed for chickens, ducks, game birds and pigs.  Delivery is mid-month every month.  Pick up is at 49th Ave SW & SW Dakota St.

Orders can be placed online. Payment via cash/check/PayPal.  Next delivery will be mid- February.  Ordering form if open now.  If you need feed now please text me and I can likely fill the order now with in stock feed.

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Baxter Barn Layer Pellet Feed

50lbs - $28.99+ tax

Feed for 5 months and older..laying hens.

  • Crude Protein Min 17%

  • Lysine Mine 0.7%

  • Methionine Min 0.38%

  • Crude fat Min 4.0%

  • Crude fiber Max 7.0%

  • Calcium Min 4.7 Max 4.7%

  • Phosphorus Min 0.7%

  • Salt Min 0.2 Max 0.5%

Baxter Barn Layer Pellet Feed

Baxter Barn Crumble Feed (Ration)

50lbs- $28.99 + tax

Feed for 5 months and older…laying hens

  • Crude Protein Min 17%

  • Lysine Mine 0.7%

  • Methionine Min 0.38%

  • Crude fat Min 4.0%

  • Crude fiber Max 7.0%

  • Calcium Min 4.7 Max 4.7%

  • Phosphorus Min 0.7%

  • Salt Min 0.2 Max 0.5%

crumble feed.JPG

Baxter Grower Feed

50lbs - $29.99 + Tax

Use for 8 weeks to 5mo approx


Baxter Barn Starter Feed

50lbs - $30.99 + Tax

Use for the first 8 weeks of chicks life. (approx) 

  • Crude Protein Min 20%

  • Lysine Mine 0.9%

  • Methionine Min 0.4%

  • Crude fat Min 4.0%

  • Crude fiber Max 3.8%

  • Calcium Max 1.9%

  • Phosphorus Min 0.8%

  • Salt Min 0.2 Max 0.5%

Starter feed.JPG


40lbs - $29.99 + Tax

Provides max absorption when fermented or soaked. Fermentation improves its enzyme content and increases level of Vitamins B, C & K.  It also make food more digestible and boosts usable protein level by about 12%.

  • Crude Protein Min 17%

  • Lysine Mine 0.9%

  • Methionine Min 0.35%

  • Crude fat Min 3.0%

  • Crude fiber Max 6%

  • Calcium Min 3% Max 4%

  • Phosphorus Min 0.6%

  • Salt Min 0.25 Max 0.75%


Immune Boost

1 pouch- $13.99 + Tax

A pro-biotic, electrolyte, vitamin, trace mineral, organic acid mix.

For all species and all stages

  • Once a week

  • 2 days before 3 days after stress such as a change in feed, temp, moisture, moving

  • Every other day during high stress more than 5 days.

  • Two days after medication


Pine Bedding

$15.99 + Tax

3.25 cubic feet


Oyster Shells

1lb -$1 +tax

Provide your ladies with a seperate bowl of oyster shells to ensure they are receiving the calcium they need for hard shells.

oyster shell.jpg

Chicken Scratch

10lbs- $10 + Tax

A great treat for your ladies!

INGREDIENTS: Red Wheat Rolled Corn, Milo, Rolled Oats, Green Peas, Oat Groats & Oyster Shell



20oz - $17.99 + Tax

Packed with protein these dried mealworms make the perfect treat! 

  • Protein (min)....50%

  • Fat (min)..........23%

  • Fiber (max)........8%

  • Moisture (max)...7%


Agricultural Lime

50lbs- $14.99 + Tax

Garden lime, or agricultural lime, is a beneficial substance in chicken coops. Lime reduces the smell and moisture level in the coop.

Free Range Poultry Farm


50lbs- $14.99 + Tax

In the wild, or when chickens free-range, they take in tiny bits of stone and gravel as they forage on the ground.  But depending on the type of ground, or if your chickens are living in a grassy run, they may not get enough to be able properly to digest their food.


Diatomaceus Earth (DE)

50lbs - $34.99 + Tax

Used for gardening pests like slugs and dust baths for chickens.

Hands Holding Dirt

Fake Eggs

$3 per egg

Outsmart your egg eaters!!

Collecting Eggs

Chicken Feeders

7lbs - $10 +Tax
10lbs - $15 + Tax

Made from long-life plastic, this open-top feeders is designed for fast filling, easy cleaning and minimal waste of feed thanks to the no-scratch-out twist lock base.

7 lbs feeds 5-15 birds.  

10lbs feeds 15-25 birds.


Maxuri Adult Mini Pig Feed

25lbs - $26 +tax

Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult food is a moderate-energy, high-fiber diet for exotic miniature pigs, such as the Vietnamese potbellied pig, and is formulated to help support moderate growth while helping to satisfy hunger


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