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Preserving Your Harvest

Thank you for attending my Preserving Your Harvest class!  As promised here is the info we covered.  Links to product are affiliate links which means if you do purchase something Amazon gives me a small percentage.  You pay the normal Amazon price…there are no mark ups.  This income helps pay for my website. You can click on the pictures or the links Thanks!

Debbie Meyer Green Bags.  I love these!  They extend the life of your produce and can be reused and reused!  I often cannot process my produce upon picking and this helps me a ton!

Foodsaver Information 

I recommend going with the Foodsaver brand they are well known and stand behind their product.  You can buy pricey ones with a roll holder built in with a cutter and they come with a bunch of accessories.  I recommend getting a more basic one like I have and getting the accessories you need.  This is the one I have it comes with the hose I showed you.

Foodsaver V2244

The accessories I share with you are the jar sealer:

And I don’t have this but worth mentioning for wine drinkers you can seal up your bottles with the Foodsaver!!!  Wine Bottle Stoppers!

The marinator that takes hours out of the process:

Dehydration is next!

The key to picking a good dehydrator is making sure the heating element is in the back or the top of the unit so the juices so not drip into it.  The one I have has a temperature so you can adjust depending on what you are drying.  It does not have a timer but that doesn’t bother me at all.  It comes with 4 trays then you can add more on.  I have 8 trays total.  It is the Nesco Snackmaster Express FD-60

A set of two trays runs $12.99 which isn’t too bad.

And the dehydrator comes with one fruit leather tray so if you want more you can buy them  $6.99 for two


I use Kosher salt and half gallon jars for making sauerkraut.  They are about $20 on Amazon.

One of my students recommended using these glass flower frogs for a weight instead of a rock.  They fit nicely in a wide mouth mason jar.

And lastly my Grandma’s refrigerator pickles recipe!  I use two half gallon jars instead of one gallon one.

Terraganics Living participates in various affiliate programs which means that you might click on a link for a product from which we receive a small commission, although the price for you doesn't change any. Commissions go towards the costs of keeping this sweet site up and running. 

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